From the time I was little, I would have visions…of anything and everything from fun hair styles and room décor to new fashion trends. Some worked out better than others. Taking it back to AOL dial up days, I needed a solo costume for my dance show. I searched every catalog under the sun and still couldn’t find anything that matched the picture in my brain. I remember walking down stairs and explaining what I was envisioning to my mom, before blurting out “you could totally make that!” She did, for a fraction of the price. It was amazing and I was hooked!

For the next 10+ years, I spent my spare time dreaming up insanely cool projects and recruiting my mom to help execute. There was no task too big. Dog beds, college game day dresses, DIY quilts, cool furniture that needed a face lift, converting a dining room into my bedroom…the list goes on and on.

I spent my first 2 years of college in Southern California before transferring home to finish in Austin. Somewhere along the way I met a family that changed my path forever. They opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed, to a story I had never heard. By my senior year, I was on full-time staff with their non-profit working to reform the broken system of international adoption. I was traveling internationally, filming a documentary (STUCK) and juggling school. On a flight home from Africa, my boss told me I had a week to get my stuff and move to Scottsdale. Without a second thought, I packed up my dogs and my life and relocated to sunny AZ.

God had big plans for the next phase of my life! Within 12 months, I met the man of my dreams (at church…aww) AND recruited my best friend to move to Arizona and live with me. Almost five years later, I’m the proud co-parent of two adorable boxers, married to my favorite human, owner of my dream home and living a life I never, in a million years would have dreamed of. At Shiki I get to blend my love of thinking outside the box, while inspiring others to find their inner creativity. I am firm believer that we are all given the tools to create a pretty life, so get out there and make it Shiki y’all!