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About Shiki

Shiki is a small mama-run shop and blog based in Mesa, AZ. We specialize in custom apparel, and are known for our cozy signature moo-moos perfect for any occasion from lounging at home to getting ready for your wedding and everything in-between. Handcrafted party décor, event design, and planning are at the heart of Shiki’s mission and truly where this small business was born from.

Our hope is that whether you’re looking for a personalized gift, creative details for a special event, or just seeking inspiration that you’ll find what you’re looking for!

The name Shiki meaning “Pretty” stems from founder Whitney’s Native American heritage our tagline #MakeItShiki ( Make it Pretty ) is fitting for Shiki’s passion for making pretty things from apparel, to party décor, home projects, and more.

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for shopping small!

Meet Whitney